Notary Public & Legalisation

A Notary Public attests deeds, contracts, and other instruments that are to be used abroad and to issue a certificate of the due execution of such documents duly authenticated by his signature and notarial seal. Contrary to a Commissioner for Oaths, a Notary Public is able to witness a document in a foreign language signed in front of him.

The Notary Public’s duty is to;-

  1. Administer any oath or affirmation in connection with any affidavit or statutory declaration which is executed
  2. Confirm and prove the due execution of any document for the purpose of being used in any court or place abroad, outside Singapore
  3. Take or attest any affidavit or statutory declaration.

 Our Notary Public provides the following services;

  • Certifying True Copies of Documents
    • Passports and Identity Cards
    • Certificate of Incorporation, ACRA Business Profile, Resolutions
    • Birth Certificates
    • Marriage Certificates
    • Educational Certificates
    • Public and Private Documents
  • Attesting and Witnessing the execution of Documents
    • Affidavits
    • Commercial Agreements and Contracts
    • Corporate Documents
    • Declarations
    • Private Agreements and Contracts
    • Power of Attorney
    • Transfers
  • Drafting of Documents
    • Any of the documents as mentioned above.
  • Searches 
    • ACRA Business Profile
    • Birth/Marriage Certificates
    • Any of the documents as mentioned above.
  • Legalisation
    • Our firm  provides a complete solution to legalise documents at the various Embassies at an additional service fee.
      • As per the Legalisation Process:
        1. Singapore Academy of Law
        2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
        3. Legalisation by Embassy / Consulate
    • We are also able to translate any documents to be notarised and legalised.

Appointments can be made both at our office or for your convenience,  at your office for an additional fee. To accommodate you, appointments can be made at a short notice, subject to the Notary Public’s prevailing schedule.