Commissioner for Oaths

The Commissioner for Oaths administer Oaths/Affirmations in respect of Affidavits to be used in Singapore Court proceedings and/or Statutory Declarations to be used in Singapore.

Our Commissioner for Oaths, Mr Kang Gim Swee is fluent in spoken English, Hokkien, Malay and Mandarin and in writtenEnglish and Malay.

Deponents/Declarants who wish to have their affidavits and statutory declarations affirmed/sworn/declared must furnish their Identity Card (Passport or ID Card) to the Commissioner for verification purposes.

Appointments can be made both at our office or for your convenience,  at your office for an additional fee. To accommodate your requests, appointments can be made at a short notice, subject to the Commissioner’s prevailing schedule.

The Statutory Fees for Commissioning (in Singapore) as follows;

Type of Document(s) Commissioning Fee
Statutory Declarations S$25.00 per Statutory Declaration
Affidavit in Civil Matters S$25.00 per Affidavit
In addition to the above, Exhibit is annexed. S$5.00 per exhibit (if any)