Deed Poll

A Deed Poll is a legal document containing the particulars of an individual who wish to change his/her name. In Singapore, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) requires the Deed before a change of name is recorded and processed.

A Deed Poll allows an individual to:

  1. Add/Delete/Amend his/her English name
  2. Add/Delete/Amend the Chinese Character of his/her name
  3. Change his/her Surname

The Individual who wish to change his/her name has to make a declaration by way of a Deed Poll and executed by him/her in front of an Advocate and Solicitor.

Individuals below the age of 21, will require their parents to sign the said Deed Poll as well.

* Kindly note that the above information does not constitute legal advice, it is information for your reference which you rely at your own risk. Kindly seek legal advice from a qualified lawyer before commencing any legal action.