Grant of Probate

When a person passes on and has made a Will in his/her lifetime, the Executor/Executrix(s) named in the said Will has to make an Application for a Grant of Probate from the Court to administer the Estate according to the Deceased’s wishes as stipulated in the Will.

A person has to be appointed by the Court as an Executor before he/she can administer the Estate to be legally recognized as the Executor of the Deceased’s Estate as the case may be.

Our firm provides the following services;

  1. Advising on Grant of Probate Application (Singapore and West Malaysia)
  2. Applying for Grant of Probate (Singapore and West Malaysia)
  3. Drafting of Affidavit of Foreign Law (of West Malaysia and East Malaysia)

* Kindly note that the above information does not constitute legal advice, it is information for your reference which you rely at your own risk. Kindly seek legal advice from a qualified lawyer before commencing any legal action.