Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document executed by individual(s), legally appointing and authorising another person to act on his/her behalf. The POA document can stipulate the powers conferred onto the donee, as well as the limitations on this power.

The person executing the Power of Attorney is known as the Donor and the person appointed is known as the Donee. The Donee has the legal power to perform specific matters stipulated in the Power of Attorney for and on behalf of the Donor.

Power of Attorneys are used in various scenarios such as;

  1. Joint Trustees/ Trustees
  2. Landlords/Tenants
  3. Sale/Purchase of Private Property
  4. Sale/Purchase of HDB Property
  5. Specific Matter/Affair, to name a few.

Our firm provides the following services;

  1. Drafting of Specific Power of Attorney
  2. Drafting of Power of Attorney for Housing & Development Board

* Kindly note that the above information does not constitute legal advice, it is information for your reference which you rely at your own risk. Kindly seek legal advice from a qualified lawyer before commencing any legal action.